Introducing Villa Provisioning

At The S Collection, we are committed to providing our clients with the finest French Riviera luxury villa rentals. We realize that convenience and comfort are paramount when renting a private villa for a vacation. We are therefore delighted to declare our partnership with Just Provisions, the French Riviera’s premier villa provisioning service.

Just Provisions specializes in providing customized provisioning services for villa tenants, ensuring that you have everything you need for a stress-free and enjoyable stay. Their team of specialists collaborates closely with our clients to tailor provisioning packages to their specific requirements and preferences. Just Provisions has everything you need, from gourmet foods and fine wines to everyday necessities and domestic items.

In addition to procuring and delivering groceries, arranging for private chefs, coordinating cleaning and laundry services, and stocking your villa with your preferred flowers and toiletries, their extensive range of services also includes sourcing and delivering groceries, arranging for private chefs, and coordinating cleaning and laundry services. Just Provisions handles every detail, allowing you to unwind and appreciate your stay in a luxurious villa.

The S Collection is pleased to partner with Just Provisions, a company that shares our dedication to superior service and meticulous attention to detail. Their emphasis on personalized service and quality aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our clients with the finest luxury villa rentals available.

When you reserve a villa through The S Collection, you can rest assured that every aspect of your stay, from your initial inquiry to your departure, will be taken care of. Through our partnership with Just Provisions, you will enjoy a genuinely luxurious and stress-free French Riviera villa vacation. Contact us immediately for more information on our villa rentals and our partnership with Just Provisions.


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